The project «Symbiosis» is an interactive installation experience. The aim is to merge technology with art to create an organic experience that connects people on a primordial level, through bringing awareness to the connecting principle of breath.

Below is the development of the project from the recent to the first prototype. In the current developments we are using specially designed seats to support posture and meditative experience, and developing synchronisation software that will simulate environmental response from collective synced breathing rhythm.

Symbiosis #6 at Lightwaves, Salford Quays, Manchester December 2017


In Leeds Light Festival, October 5/6 2017


Symbiosis #5 2017 – Spain



Symbiosis #4 – 2016

Symbiosis in a dusty desert at Nowhere 2016, Spain. This is a collaboration with Michael Obrizkiv, who created the structure with his trispace.cc kit in 2016.


#3 at Nest 2016 in South Wales, May 2016:



#2 at inTransit in North Kensington, June 2016





Symbiosis grows in its manifestation from the original prototype of two people.

Symbiosis #1 – cocoon


The installation brings the awareness to the breath and stimulates beneficial diaphragm breathing though wearing the sensor belt. Two members of the audience sit opposite each other with their breath visualized in a form of multicolour spirals that move from opposite directions of the tunnel. When the spirals meet they merge into one white light.

installation tests



The installation visually reminds of a microorganism that is animated through the breath of the participating audience. The outside is like a cocoon that pulsates with changing lights, the shape is a representation of harmonic breath movement. The interior is reflective with an effect of infinitely moving led lights.

«Symbiosis»  is an organic synthesis between technology and art, transgressing the commonly perceived limits of both. In Symbiosis, the experience of art becomes a creative act of the participant, and technology, – a tool for intimate human connection.  It creates another form of communication, beyond language and inhibitions. And teaches beneficial diaphragm breathing as part of the artwork experience.


Symbiosis grows in its manifestation from the original prototype of two people.

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